It is one of th greatest commodities known to man and in my opinion, the top three most valuable. Along side of time, in my book, you would find love and family. But time is one asset that is never returned. It is only lost. You do not get to do things over. You do not, contrary to popular belief, get to start over; it is finished. You have only today to make better, change, to do, to live, and be happy. And while tomorrow may come, and yesterday is gone, today is the only definite. 

I recently promised myself to make time for all the important people in my life. I also promised to make time to travel more and dedicate myself more to my writing. Time is not on our side. I am well aware and I am improving my use of it everyday. 


A Little Perspective

I find myself this morning facing yet another change. Life is ultimately about the changing of seasons and we are merely prganisms effected by these changes. As I grapple with my own changes, a woman walks into my office looking for information on her court hearing. At first glance, one may think that she is abusing drugs or alcohol, or both. Her abuse of these substances could very well be true, but, as I stand there and speak with her, attempting to locate what building she should be in, it hits me.  I recognize a woman who is timid and apparently having been abused herself. I know what mental and verbal abuse looks like; I've been there. I have no experience with physical abuse, but maybe she has weathered that storm as well. The signs were all over her. While the alcohol reeked, her pain was more evident to me. My empathy rose and my heart sank as I silently prayed for the Creator to cover her. She says, almost inaudibly, "It's for my domestic abuse court case”. The handwritten address on the document was illegible, but I could read the portion of it that said, “Go to 5th Floor”. That is what I told her to do and so she went, leaving in the wrong direction, yet still finding her way to elevator. I watch her leave and then I slump into my chair, covered in empathy and heartache for this woman.

My morning may have been trying, but what I did not have to do this morning is get dressed to face my abuser in court. Thank God for a little perspective.